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A Montreal-based company, Impecca provides impeccable office maintenance services
Impecca focuses on facilitating office management tasks. We provide indispensible maintenance services using one trusted online solution, backed by a customer-oriented team of professionals. Our platform is designed to help office/building managers operate efficiently with services ranging from cleaning to handyman services. Our unique customer-centric user-friendly MyImpecca platform enhances client proximity without being intrusive. Customer satisfaction – on site and online – drives our team and our every effort.
We provide convenience, easy management, and choices
Impecca provides the key services needed to maintain any office in good working condition – from cleaning to stock supply to handyman services. Using MyImpecca – our unique user-friendly custom web-based platform – requesting a maintenance quote or booking a cleaning service has never been so easy. In a few clicks, you can manage all your maintenance tasks on a single calendar. You can track upcoming services and provide feedback on each visit to help us improve your office maintenance experience. Experience smart office management as you request various services without making a phone call or filling up your inbox.
Our services
Start your day in an impeccably clean and healthy environment
Impecca’s custom ordering platform revolutionizes the office maintenance industry. Our system ensures our maintenance professionals tackle every single task methodically, using the best possible care. And we care for the environment too! We use eco-friendly products to provide you with a healthy, clean work environment.
Stock supply
Office supplies are running low? We can take care of it!
No need to waste time on managing stock supplies. Just give us a heads-up on which items are running low. The Impecca team can procure and deliver the stock directly on your office shelves. We help create your customized list of office staples. Simply select the desired products and quantity, and we take care of the rest.
Stock supply
No job is too big or too small for Impecca’s handymen!
Do you need to assemble new office furniture, paint the conference room, or add more shelves in around the office? You can stop postponing the projects for lack of time or resources. Impecca will take charge of your overdue projects. We will ensure prompt execution by appropriate, well-trained professionals.
Treat your staff with fresh and healthy snacks for better productivity.
With just a few clicks see the healthy snacks, organic coffee, milk and many other products be delivered directly to your kitchen counters to be available for your team. Impecca has partnered up with a local fruit store for this food delivery service to help Montreal companies to save their valuable time on resupplying fresh snacks and food inventory.
Stock supply
You register online
You register online
Our team get in touchwith you and schedule a visit
We contact you and schedule a visit
During our visit we will make an estimation
During our visit, we develop a comprehensive estimate for the services you need
We give you access to your personalized dashboard
We grant you access to your personalized dashboard
You can start booking your services
You can start selecting and booking your services
What you can do on your dashboard
  • Edit your service requests
  • Add and remove tasks for upcoming events
  • Cancel services, no questions asked
  • Rate the quality of our services
  • Make requests and inquiries via the Impecca chat room
  • Access all your invoices
  • Select convenient payment methods
  • Access your calendar including all upcoming visits
  • Enjoy personalized service at competitive rates
  • And much more!
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