Does Impecca really have a ''No contract" policy?

Yes we do! Impecca doesn’t believe in “locking-in” clients with a long-term contract. We believe the most efficient way to keep our clients is to provide a reliable, honest service. 

Are Impecca's prices higher because of its new, unique technology?

Not at all! We fully manage the MyImpecca platform. This allows us to maintain our cleaning, stock supply and handyman services rates competitive. 

What if I’m satisfied with my staff, but I like the Impecca approach?

We are constantly looking for hard working, talented cleaners. It you are interested in Impecca’s accessible services but wish to maintain your cleaning staff, we can include them on the team. We always aim for a win-win partnership with our clients.

Does Impecca have appropriate insurance?

Our company is insured for $2M in liability for damages. 

How do we Get Started?

It’s easy! Just click on the Get Started button and complete your company info. We will visit your office in person to develop a comprehensive quote for all your desired services. We will then create your personal account in our unique MyImpecca platform, and you’ll be all set to schedule your services.

What if I want to try out your services first?

Impecca offers 1-time cleaning and handyman services. Request these services whenever you need!

Our rent includes cleaning services for our building. Can we still use Impecca’s services?

We suggest you check the cleaning clause in your lease agreement. Standard clauses often allow you to hire your own cleaners. If the agreement forbids it, Impecca can provide cleaning services for specific tasks during office hours (e.g. conference room reorganization).